For some people, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sounds like a minefield. A minefield they don't particularly want to walk across. However, whether your company operates on a local, national or international basis, effective SEO that works, helps you to get the most out of your market by taking advantage of ranking positions on search engines. 
People are searching for the products & service you have, right now. Getting found for what you do does 3 key things: 
- It'll boost your website traffic (and hopefully sales!) 
- It helps the consumer get what they want 
- It improves your credibility and brand image  
It takes time and effort, but when set and running, it’s a real game-changer for your short & long-term business success. 

Small Business SEO Basics: What Do You Need To Know? 

Here’s some key terms that you need to be familiar with: 
Organic Search: When you’re performing a regular search on Google, the results (that aren't advertisements) are known as organic. Organic means sponsor-free, and sponsor-free means unpaid. The first page results are what Google deems as the most relevant to the searcher. This is what you’re ultimately aiming to achieve. This is where all the leads and enquiries come from. Pages 2 and 3 are of pretty much no use whatsoever. Page 1 is where all the action takes place. 
Keyword: A word or a phrase, this is how the search engine identifies with your website. When a potential customer types in his or her search query, Google will look for websites and webpages relevant to the query. Make sure you have relevant keywords present and well-distributed across your site (and in the right places). 
Business Listing: Small businesses usually have only one location. Even if you have two, registering your company information on online directories and web business for one common address listing can also contribute to your SEO success. Make sure to take advantage of the free ‘Google My Business’ listing that’s on offer. This will help you dominate local SEO and get an additional page 1 ranking, making it easier for potential clients around your area to quickly find and contact you. 

What Difference Will SEO Actually Make? 

Doing SEO successfully for your company can give you more website traffic, which means more people see your message and your leads and enquiries go up.  
This leads onto a very important point... 
Having a great website is vital. It's got to look great, load fast, and give the prospect exactly what they want. I know some great web guys that can throw you up a great looking site at an affordable cost over at it'  
Website Traffic 
When you dominate or show up on the first page, a certain volume of traffic will be driven to your website. This can be measured by the number of entrances to your landing pages (or, simply put, the number of visitors viewing your website), and by the level of user activity within those pages. 
Click Through Rate 
Click Through Rate, or CTR, is a key indicator of whether visitors are clicking through your search engine ranking - something you’ll really need to know, especially when you engage in PPC. When you’re running any PPC campaign, it indicates which ads are performing well and which ones aren’t. If you're interested in running any Google Ads (PPC) campaigns, check out our packages on our Google Ads Page or get in touch for a chat. 
When it comes to the content on your website, it can show which pages grabbed the interest and which ones didn’t. 
Understanding the insights and the implications of the statistics that come with your SEO efforts are essential to your overall digital marketing strategy. 
Knowing and comprehending these can let you know what is working well & what needs tweaking. 
So.. is SEO worth all the hype & hassle? In my professional opinion - yes, definitely.  
Just a few final recommendations: 
- Make sure you register your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Analytics is a great tool for checking your websites performance and checking what visitors are up to when they arrive on your site. 
- Make sure you take advantage of you’re free Google My Business
- Make sure you blog or post regular content to you website. Content is king! We know several excellent website design companies we can refer you to should you need help with a new website that will get you results. 
Here at YianniMarketing, we love all things SEO, PPC & Online Marketing. Please do get in touch if you have any queries whatsoever! Also please remember to share our blog if you found it interesting or useful, as it really does help! 
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