The online world is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and algorithm and search engine results are ruling the game, and the success of your business can often depend on how you respond to the latest changes in online marketing. 
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a practice that businesses use to get them higher rankings on search engines such as Google & Bing.  
Currently, within the UK, 94% of all searches made are still done on Google. 

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is the marketing effort focused on increasing lead generation and improving brand visibility through the search engines. With results in the form of rankings, traffic, and conversion rates, the practice is all about making your business discoverable to potential clients and customers who are looking for exactly what you do. 
By structuring your business website in a way search engines (like Google, Yahoo, or Bing) understand, relevant information regarding your business appears on the screens of your potential clients, as triggered by the words (keywords, to be more specific) or phrases they are looking for. 
For example, Mr Jones wants a new boiler installed. He types into Google ‘Boiler Installation North London’ and there you have it....a list of local Boiler Installation Experts appear in front of him. He then checks a few websites, & might make a few enquiries. 
Voila - this is how enquiries happen. 
Stage 1 - Getting found. This is why a page one ranking is vital. 
Stage 2 - Converting. Actually having a website that looks credible and will persuade the client to get in touch. There's no point in focusing on web traffic if the website can't convert. 
Stage 3 - Respond. Answer the phone or email! (So many people do the hard work, then fall down at the end!) 

Can your business survive without SEO? 

You’ve probably been reading about SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and you’re starting to wonder:  
Can I just do without all this hassle and just keep going without? Can't I just continue with my BNI membership or my printed leaflets that have always worked? 
Almost everybody is now incorporating SEO into their marketing efforts - because it works.  
The good news is: 90% do it badly. Really badly. 
Having a website, but not focusing on rankings, is quite simply a waste of time. Low visibility = no sales. No matter how appealing your website design may be, or how cheap you can compete with your business rivals, not being visible on the web means you're definitely losing out on clients that are there to be had, and a massive chunk of the pie is being lost out on. 
Even a tiny amount of basic SEO work can make a huge difference. At Yianni Marketing, our SEO ‘ one-off’ Boosts start at just £197+vat for a basic boost and £497+vat for an enhanced boost. For businesses looking for serious results, we even offer a guaranteed page 1 service, although this often isn’t necessary and with over 90% of the clients we take on, the £497+vat option gets page 1 rankings. 
A search engine optimised foundation gives your business the best chance of making more profits and having a much more stable sales pipeline.  
It can take time before it will have it’s desired effects, but the rewards and extra sales that come from it are worth the effort. 

Learning SEO For Yourself 

Navigating through the maze of SEO shouldn’t be challenging. Although it can become complex, the basics are fairly understandable if you spend the time reading up on it. There are plenty of free materials regarding SEO online, such as MOZ SEO and even Google - the search engine you will most probably try to rank for. Google actually provide content and tools on how to help you dominate your local rankings.  
If you don’t have the luxury of time - fret not. There are lots of rising SEO agencies out there just like us, and they can help you with the intermediate and the advanced know hows of getting results. 
Like it or not, Google is where people go for services and products nowadays, and SEO is the way to getting found on there.  
When people want something, they go to Google - and the savvy business owner takes advantage of this superb opportunity for new business.  

Final Takeaway... 

1. Don't let it overwhelm you 
2. Doing something is always better than nothing. You don't have to get it perfect, do what you can and see how it goes. 
3. If you have the budget, outsource it. Considering how much you have to gain in additional revenue, it's a very wise decision to make. 
4. The worst thing to do is nothing at all. 
Here at Yianni Marketing, we enjoy conversations and helping people! If you'd like to go through anything relating to your SEO or overall marketing strategy, please do get in touch. We're more than happy to help out. 
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